Infinity Totter Children Balance Bicycle 30.48 cm (12 in.)

Infinity Totter Children Balance Bicycle 30.48 cm (12 in.)

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The Infinity balance bicycle is a training bicycle for developing your child’s sense of balance, motor skills, and self-confidence. A balance bike helps a child to learn to steer and balance a bicycle safely. Balance bicycles do not have pedals, crank sets, chains or training wheels. Balance bikes are small so the child can walk the bicycle or sit on the seat with their feet on the ground. Once the child is comfortable with the walking and sitting on the bicycle, they learn to glide and are able to lift their feet off the ground and balance on two wheels. Learning and exercise are safe and fun. This bicycle is designed for both girls and boys, with gender neutral colours.

    • Colours: Red and white, blue and white
    • Frame: Unisex balance hi-tensile steel
    • Fork: BMX steel threaded type
    • Head set: Steel 8-piece
    • Handlebar: Steel riser, 460 mm (18.1 in.) wide
    • Stem: Steel one piece
    • Rims: 12 x 1.75 steel
    • Tires: 12 x 2.125 air type
    • Seat: Padded BMX type bumpers
    • Seat post: Steel
    • Stem pad
    • Dimensions (L × W × H): 88.90 cm × 48 cm × 66.04 cm (35 in. × 18.9 in. × 26 in.)
    • Weight: 6.62 kg (11.4 lb.)
Model: AT415-12DUS-1-ca / AT415-12DUS-2-ca / AT320-12DUS-4-ca

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