Keter Rattan Deck Box 870 L (230 gal.)

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A spacious oversized outdoor storage box that will fit perfectly in your garden, patio, or pool area. The 870 L (230 gals.) capacity provides generous storage space for bulky items like gardening tools, large cushions, or pool equipment. Help keep your outdoor living space clutter-free and ready for guests. Designed with an attractive wicker texture, this deck box complements any outdoor furniture, from classic to modern. Easy-to-open-and-close piston system, the box is easy to reposition thanks to the built-in handles. UV protected to prevent sun damage.  Maintenance-free. The lid must be closed and latched at the keyhole during wind storms.  Made with a lockable lid. You can add a lock (not included) to keep the contents secure day and night.

    • Storage capacity: 870 L (230 gals.)
    • 30-minute easy assembly
Dimensions (L × W × H):
    • External set-up dimensions: 146 cm × 82 cm × 86 cm (57.5 in. × 28.3 in. × 33.8 in.)
    • Internal set-up dimensions: 132 cm × 72 cm × 79 cm (51.9 in. × 20.5 in. × 31.1 in.)
    • 2 years
    • 17206127

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