Napoleon 3 Piece BBQ Tool Set

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This Napoleon 3 Piece toolset contains everything you need for making magnificent meals on a barbecue.
A tough pair of tongs, a sturdy spatula and a great grill brush to clean up culinary creations on the barbecue

Grill Brush made from sustainable palm, for use on cool cooking grills only
Not for use on hot cooking grills
    • Set of three tools for all of your grilling needs. Stainless steel tongs, spatula and grill cleaning brush
    • Tongs are easy to handle with spring action
    • The extra wide spatula is ideal for handling larger food and features a bevelled edge to ensure that it's easy to get under cooking food
    • Never interrupt your grilling to open a bottle. The spatula features an integrated bottle opener
    • Each of these tools feature ergonomic handles that provide a comfortable grip
    • Keep tools close but out of the way with integrated hanging loops
    • Made from sustainable palm, the grill brush is a safe and natural way to clean your barbecue grill grates
    • The natural palm grill brush is ideal for cleaning both cast iron and stainless steel cooking grids                                              
Dimensions (L x W x H):  
    • Dimensions (L × W × H/D): 43.2 cm × 43 cm × 3.6 cm (17 in. × 16.9 in. × 1.4 in.)
    • Dimensions (L × W × H/D): 46.2 cm × 10 cm × 4.5 cm (18.1 in. × 3.9 in. × 1.8in.)
    • Dimensions (L × W × H/D): 45.8 cm × 10 cm × 5.1 cm (18.03 in. × 3.9 in. × 2 in.)
    • 1 Year
Model: 70062

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