Separett Weekend Waterless Toilet

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Weekend 7010 is a urine-separating compact toilet where space is restricted. Perfect for cottage, boats and RVs. Urine separation allows the emptying frequency to be reduced to a fifth and the characteristic hydrogen sulphide smell to be eliminated. The fan creates low pressure that quickly dries out faeces and removes any bad odours. This also ensures that the toilet is supplied with fresh air.

    • A good solution for RVs and boats
    • Contents collect in the compostable bag in the container
    • Urine collects in urine basin, flows through an internal hose and exits at the rear
    • Includes odourless fan, connection to DC, battery power and an AC adaptor
    • Top of the unit removes for access to empty the solid waste container
    • Recommended for use in small buildings with direct venting
    • Recommended for installations that are for shorter stays and lower use
    • Dimensions (L × W × H): 52.1 cm × 53.3 cm × 52 cm (20.5 in. × 18 in. × 21 in.)
    • Weight: 13.15 kg (29 lb.)

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