Vita Springwood Cedar Arbor

Vita Springwood Cedar Arbor

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Vita Springwood Cedar Arbor

Back to Basics.

Back to Basics.

The Springwood Arbor combines the natural warmth of cedarwood with traditional arbor design to add a touch of simple charm to any outdoor space.

Making an Entrance.

A deep-set frame and built-in hooks provide the perfect nook for your hanging planters to create an enchanting entrance for your garden, yard or walkway.
Making an Entrance.
Beauty That Lasts.

Beauty That Lasts.

The Springwood Cedar Arbor is crafted from sustainably sourced FSC cedar, which contains natural preservatives that help it resist insects and decay and is treated with an environmentally friendly water-based stain.

Product Dimensions



Manufactured using FSC cedar lumber

Built-in hooks

Perfect for hanging planters and ornaments

Lattice side panels

Support your climbing plants and flowers


Golden Brown


1 Year

Natural wood grain color variation

No item has the same grain color, finish, or wood knots due to natural factors



62.5" L x 46" W x 92" H (141 cm x 116.8 cm x 233.7 cm)

Post Size

4" x 4"

Tools Required

Cordless drill, tape measure, level, stool/ladder, shovel, cement (for permanent in-ground installation)

Approx. Time Commitment

1 person, 2-3 hours

Number of Boxes



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